Snap Circuits Electronic Playground & Learning Center

Snap Circuits Electronic Playground And Learning Center -Project Lab 50 In 1 helps kids to have a clear understanding of concepts in basic electronics.



  • Helps kids to have a clear understanding of concepts in basic electronics
  • Have fun manipulating and applying the basic electronics concepts learned in building over 50 fun projects which includes finger touch lamp, metal detector, transistor radio, alarm included in the user manual with the aid of a clear and easy to follow the diagram
  • Sets up your kids for a career in Robotics /Electronics / Engineering or they can just enjoy it as a toy that allows them to be creative
  • A great resource for schools, homeschoolers, science clubs and learning at home,
  • Excellent resource carrying out hands-on experiments on physics/electronics for both junior and senior secondary student as well as Year One Engineering Students.
  • Provide hours of fun and educative parent-kids time that promotes bonding
  • For ages 10+ (younger kids can learn how to read wiring diagram)


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