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About Smartkids Hub

Smartkids Hub is a one stop educational toys/kits store for the most innovative and hands on resources trusted and tested by parents and educators the world over to help kids develop real skills for real world opportunities.

For Kids

Engage your kids with toys/kits proven to help kids develop valuable future skills that will be relevant across all career fields as a result of advances in the field of technology, especially in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Help them perform better across multiple school subjects

Incorporate the latest technology in your classroom

Are you looking to start or you own preschool,after-school or science club? Are you looking to incorporate the latest trends in educational technology in your classroom or are you simply looking for school supplies?

We have resources proven to inspire your students to think, interact with and manipulate concepts and ideas rather than just being passive observers in the classroom.

 Are you a teacher looking for resources to help visualise concepts you teach in class to help students understand better through hands on learning?

Check out our kits to help provide hours of creative and fun learning time.

We offer after school, weekend and summer STEM enrichment class/consultancy.


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